Who can Invest?

Any US resident over the age of 18 can currently invest.

What’s the minimum Investment?


Can I Invest through my IRA?

TPP has teamed up with CamaPlan to allow you to invest IRA funds

How do I ask a question regarding a specific investment deal?

Please feel free to contact us directly at info@thepartnershipprojects.com  It may help us in responding if you are able to include the name of the investment opportunity in the subject line.

How will I handle my tax accounting once I've made an investment? 

We recommend that you consider the services of a tax professional to not only assist you with your tax filings, but to advise you of the tax implications of the investments you make with us.

What’s the term of the Investment?

The terms of each investment with The Partnership Project are specific to the opportunity. Prospective investors should review in detail the offering documents provided for each investment opportunity.

How do I get updates on my investment?

We provide direct communication with investors, including ongoing reporting and updates on the status of your investment, as well as the delivery of tax filing and other relevant materials.

What are the projected returns?

Projected returns and distributions, as well as a timetable for milestones and a distribution schedule, would be specific to each listing and, when available, would be noted in the offering documents for that investment.

What type of investment opportunities are available?

Land Flips, Land plus Zoning Flips and Full Scale Multifamily Development Projects

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. You can earn commissions for sending investors to The Partnership Project. You’ll earn money or equity for every sign up that comes from your referral.

Can I be involved with the community outreach? 

We love when our partners are involved with the community. We host a variety of events, community clean ups, etc. and will provide a list of events on our monthly mailing list.